General Terms

Thank you for your valued enquiry with Blossom To Bloom, please see below the terms and conditions that our offer will be based on:

Consultations and quotations

Consultations are free and by appointment only, to ensure our availability to understand your requirements.

A quotation for your event will be sent to you after the initial consultation, all quotes are valid for 30 days. Should there be any changes in your requirements, then a separate quote will be issued accordingly.

Bookings and payment

For bookings in advance of 1 month of the event, a £250.00 non-refundable booking fee is required to hold the date and this value will be deducted from your final invoice. Once the fee has been paid then your date is secured, as per these terms and conditions.

You will receive a final invoice approximately 6 weeks before your date and the payment in full is required at least 1 month before the event.

Payment is accepted by cash or bank transfer.


In the event of cancellation, the booking fee will not be refunded.

We are a small business and will only carry out a limited number of events, to ensure the best possible quality and freshness of flowers for our brides and clients. Therefore, when we accept a booking, we are committing that allocated time and supply of flowers to you on a first come first served basis and will be turning other potential clients away.

Therefore, for cancellation of your event, the following charges will apply:

Cancellation between 6 and 12 months 20% of current quote

Cancellation between 3 and 6 months 30% of current quote

Cancellation between 1 and 3 months 50% of current quote

Cancellation between 0 and 1 months 100% of current quote

We highly recommend that our brides take out insurances that are available to cover all aspects of your wedding day, including the possibility of cancellation.

Details and amendments

If any changes are to be made to your quotation that we have discussed, these have to be confirmed in writing. Written requests ensure that no mistakes or misunderstandings are made when it comes to the final list of requirements.

We will contact you approximately 30 days before your event to confirm all of your requirements and final details.

Fresh flowers are a living product and are dependent on weather conditions, stringent quality checks and influences beyond our control. On exceptionally rare occasions we may have to substitute a specific flower. In this event, the integrity of the proposed colour scheme will be maintained and flowers of similar value will be used. You will be notified of any adjustments.

Deliveries and set up

We will not be responsible for any injuries or damages sustained as a result of broken glass, materials or dyes that may be used to colour the water for you. Liability is limited to the supply of goods only. No responsibility will be accepted for any consequential loss.

Containers or hired items will be collected the day after the event at no charge within a 10-mile radius. Any further a collection fee will be charged.

Removal of all flowers from the venue is your responsibility, unless previously arranged and included in your quote.


Blossom To Bloom reserves the right to take photographs of displays and the setting prior to the event, which may be used for promotional purposes.